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Noa Yovel Maoz


Co-Founder of Proceed and an active board member of her families’ philanthropic foundation, Gandyr. Noa has managed a diverse impact investment portfolio since 2007 and is an active advocate for Impact Investing in Israel. A member of Toniic and the 100% ers group and a leader of the JFN Young Funders Forum. An active partner in the Shahaf Foundation and the initiator of the Local Sustainability Centers. Noa holds an MA in Public Policy and Sustainability from the IDC and a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from TAU. A graduate of both the Heschel and the Gvanim Fellow programs. A mother to five, she lives in Bnei Zion, Israel.

Ron Atir


Ron is a Real Estate entrepreneur and developer, active in Israel and worldwide for the past 15 years, through his own holding and development companies.

Ron joined Proceed in order to help achieve financial and social goals in the Israeli RE market.

Aviv Negbi

Housing and Community Coordinator

Aviv Negbi is an urban planner MSc (Master in Science) from the Technion Institute. Her research on social housing solutions in Israel has mainly focused on housing cooperatives. Aviv is a partner in the establishment of the National Forum of Cooperative Housing in Israel, now serves as a director in the forum.

Aviv, a graduate of the students village, lives in Hadar Neighborhood. Over the years she led many social projects in the neighborhood in the fields of culture, education and housing. Today Aviv is a member of many different community organizations, whose main purpose is improving the quality of life in the neighborhood for the benefit of its residents.

Lital Slavin


Lital Slavin is the co-founder and ceo of BEYOND, which she started with the Liberman-Almagor family. Lital is also a general partner in Adama Capital, a PE fund which provides funding to projects across the energy efficiency, renewable generation, waste, and water sectors. Prior to starting BEYOND, Lital established the Single Family Office for Shlomo Nehama and served there for three years. She was also Chief Operating Officer at Excaliber Capital Advisors, a Multi-Family Office, and served as controller for various start-up companies. Lital earned her EMBA at the Kellogg School of Management and her BA in Business Administration from IDC Herzliya. 

Yoav Maoz 


Yoav is an entrepreneur in the field of solar energy, a developer in RE and an active impact investor. As a co-founder of Y.M. Proceed, he specializes in business development and municipal engagement. 

Born to a multi-generational Israeli agricultural family in the north of Israel is where Yoav got his love for the environment and the outdoors. He holds a B.A in business and a lawyer by profession.

A passionate bicycle rider, and a restorator of collectors’ cars - Yoav is a father to five, and lives in Bnei Zion, Israel.

Motti Bessler 


Motti Bessler is a real estate assessor and respected member of the urban renewal committee at the Israeli Real Estate Appraisers Association. Motti has extensive experience and is deeply involved in the Israeli real estate industry. In addition, his family owns a contracting company. After graduating with a BA in business administration, Motti joined a leading appraisers’ office in Israel. In recent years, he has successfully managed building projects, with an emphasis on housing. Motti owes much of his success to his desire for innovation and successful action, his ability to combine creative skills, his business approach, and his social awareness. He is a former basketball player, and still plays basketball for health and fun.

 Advisory board

To ensure the highest quality development together with the biggest impact, we are in the process of creating an advisory board, with executive experts from various fields

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