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The Hadarim Fund is an Israeli partnership that invests in urban renewal combining physical and social aspects in Haifa’s old city center. The fund’s unique work model is based on multi-sector collaboration with the Haifa municipality, local communities and organizations, philanthropy and academy.

The fund purchases, builds, and renovates buildings and apartments throughout the neighborhood, in order to provide diverse attractive housing solutions, including affordable housing and long term rental apartments. These days, we examine innovative models of intermediate housing tenures and shared ownership.

In addition to housing, the fund promotes local social businesses and the renovation of infrastructure and public services, in order to develop and reestablish the Talpiot market as a vibrant urban center. 

The fund champions values of sustainability, and promotes urbanism and mixed land uses for the benefit of the residents, the merchants and the visitors of the neighborhood.

The project investors’ goal is to make profits along with quantifiable social and environmental impact.  

Addressing the physical, communal and environmental aspects in an integrated fashion

Tri-sectoral cooperation

Holistic work model

Focusing upon a defined compound

Economic model

Existing clientele

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Tel. (+972)-3-7502244

Rothschild 15, Tel Aviv

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